Skyrace GP Entry Form

Skyrace GP – Leeton Airfield, NSW, Australia – 27th December 2024 to 5th January 2025

see list on this page for eligibile glider types & classes

Contest Information

SkyraceGP will be held at Leeton Airport (YLEE) and run from the 27th of December 2024 until the 5th of January 2025, with the 27th & 28th of December designated as practice days.

Glider Eligibility

F1 Class : Phoebus C, Marianne, DG-100/101, Club Libelle, Open Libelle, Standard Libelle, ASW-15, ASW-15B, ASW-19, Astir CS, Astir CS 77, Twin Astir, Standard Cirrus, Open Cirrus, Hornet, Platypus, Jantar Standard, Jantar Standard 2, Jantar Standard 3, IS-29, LS-1D, LS-1F, HP-14, Salto, Cobra.

F2 Class : LS4, DG-300, PIK-20 B/D/E, IS-32, Janus A/B/C, Speed Astir, LS7, Kestrel (17m), Grob 103 SL, Discus A/B/CS, SZD-55, Mosquito, Mini Nimbus, ASW-24, DG-200/202/400 (15m), Glasflugel 304/304C/304CZ, DG-505, LS-3/3a, ASW-20A/B/C/etc,  Duo Discus, DG-1000 (20m), LAK-19 (15m),  LS8 (15m), Discus 2 (15m), ASW-28 (15m), DG-200/17, Kestrel (19m)

Conditions of Entry

Entry fee is $300 prior to 1st of November 2024.
Entry fee is $375 from 1st of November 2024 onwards.

Entry fee can be paid via electronic transfer to bank account specified in entry confirmation email, or via Credit Card using this link :

Refunds not available after the 1st of October 2024 except in extraordinary circumstances. Pilots who enter and later withdraw risk having their entry deprioritised for future events.