Skyrace GP Entry Form

Contest Information

SkyraceGP will be held at Corowa Airport and run from the 28th December 2022 until the 6th of January 2023.

Glider Eligibility

F1 Class : Phoebus C, Marianne, DG-100/101, Club Libelle, Open Libelle, Standard Libelle, ASW-15, ASW-15B, ASW-19, Astir CS, Astir CS 77, Twin Astir, Standard Cirrus, Open Cirrus, Hornet, Platypus, Jantar Standard, Jantar Standard 2, Jantar Standard 3, IS-29, LS-1D, LS-1F, HP-14, Salto, Cobra.

F2 Class : Pegase, LS4, DG-300, PIK-20 B/D/E, IS-32, Janus A/B/C, Speed Astir, LS7, Kestrel (17m), Grob 103 SL, Discus A/B/CS, SZD-55, Mosquito, Mini Nimbus, ASW-24, DG-200/202/400 (15m), Glasflugel 304/304C/304CZ, DG-505, LS-3/3a

Conditions of Entry

Entry fee paid via electronic transfer to bank account specified in entry confirmation email. Event entry fee is $350 including $100 credit to be spent during contest at the airfield. Unspent portion not refundable & must be spent by (or in company of) named Pilot. Refunds not available after the 1st of October 2022 except in extraordinary circumstances. Pilots who enter and later withdraw risk having their entry deprioritised for future events.